At Octahedron, we provide Software Engineering Solutions and R&D:

Product Engineering

At Octahedron, we combine our strong technology frameworks and engineering expertise to deliver solutions that enable organizations to engineer and develop best-of-breed products.

Our Engineering capabilities include:

  • Product Conceptualization/Ideation
  • Product Architecture
  • Product Development
  • Product Life-cycle
  • Product Re-Engineering
  • Product R&D Services
  • Product Support
  • Test automation
  • Migration and Porting
  • Technical Support
  • Sustaining Engineering
  • Professional Services

Data Engineering

Octahedron delivers end-to-end data engineering solutions, which efficiently and comprehensively address the data challenges in your organization. Our Data engineering solutions enable companies to design, build and support all the data-driven processes.

Test Engineering

Octahedron helps organizations architect and build robust custom test frameworks for performing all levels of testing including black-box, white-box, grey-box, exploratory , regression, testing in production, user acceptance, identifying bugs, root cause analysis of bugs identified, and suggest fixes for whatever permitted the bugs in the first place. Our expert test team works pro-actively to prevent defects.

Automation Engineering

Octahedron’s automation team provides organizations with custom automation framework API’s and UI’s to perform all kinds of testing against their systems including deep penetration testing, systems testing, security testing and more, which can be run across multiple platforms.

Mobile Engineering

At Octahedron, our team of mobile architects and developers are experts in implementing native mobile applications, building mobility solutions for a large number of complex engagements, we provide a one-stop shop for all native mobile technologies. We have expertise in iOS and Android application development platforms.

Octahedron’s mobile capabilities include:

  • Mobile Web Application Development
  • Cross-Mobile Platforms
  • Native Mobile Application Development

Agile Software Development

Octahedron’s agile development practices, such as frequent deliveries, continuous integration, and build, deployment, and test automation, reduce risk and rework.

Octahedron's agile certified experts show you how to: Evangelize agile values to build organizational buy-in

  • Train engineers and product manager in agile principles, methods and practices
  • Coach employees to embrace continuous change
  • Establish real cross-functional communication, coordination and collaboration
  • Mitigate errors, missteps and risk to meet tight release time-lines

We support you by recommending agile methods for adoption. We work with you to choose platforms, tools and metrics that increase visibility and predictability along the way. We also share best practices and tailor processes to” be” agile, not just “do” agile.

We have many years of industry experience in software designing and developing leading edge business solutions using development tools, technologies, platforms and architectures. With a majority of our clients spread across many domains: